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Nataly Kogan

Website & Marketing Collaterals

About Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan is a Russian-born American author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, expert on emotional fitness, and artist. She has written three books: Happier Now, Gratitude Daily, and The Awesome Human Project; hosts The Awesome Human Podcast; and is a frequent keynote speaker.

Mobile & Desktop

Nataly initially reached out because she was launching her first NFT line and needed help building a website. We created an website with a user friendly interface that consists of a bunch of scrolling and toggle effects.

Later on, she asked us to create other marketing collaterals for her brand Happier™, such as a online course outline cover, course handout, podcast logos, and on.

Brand Name
Brand Name

The first objective was that we had to create the logos and marketing material that coincide with the existing brand. We ended up choosing the same vibrant colours as shown on website and other collaterals to capture the nuances of her personality. We used an elongated fun sans serif font on all the titles and paired with another sans-serif to balance it all off. We also created multiple variations of the logo and kept it consistent with the brand.