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Dollhouse Boutique

Website & Social Media

About Dollhouse Boutique

Skin specialist and business owner, Shayla Stewart, opened DOLLHOUSE beauty boutique in March of 2020.

Dollhouse Beauty Boutique’s vision is to have an intimate, comfortable but glamorous shop that offers the most innovative, result-driven treatments that exceed expectations.

Mobile & Desktop

Shayla, the owner of Dollhouse Boutique, initially reached out because she needed a website that would display the services and products she offers at her shop. We mapped out the pages together and decided that best course of action was to provide the before and afters to promote each treatment on the service page. We ended up creating an interface that engages with the user as they scroll through the pages.

Later on, she asked us to create social media posts to promote the new website.

Brand Name
Brand Name

The biggest challenge we came across, was pairing the dollhouse feel of the brand with the website. The website embodies the dollhouse striped pattern through each page to create that association between the brand and website.

We used her business instagram account to brainstorm ideas, and later pivot the website concept and patterns from there.