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Packaging & Marketing Collaterals

About Organika

Organika Health Products is a Canadian company that delivers to consumers vitamins, supplements, and functional food products. As a natural solution, they source natural ingredients to produce health-conscious products for consumers across Canada and world-wide. They carry products for skincare, detox, weight management, stress management, greens, superfoods, protein, essential oils and more.

This section offers some of the work I have done as an in-house designer for Organika Health Products, where I worked alongside other designers to design product packaging, assist the execution of photo digital, and social content, literature, and other marketing material requested by retailers and consumers.

The main focus is to highlight the content created for re-branding of the superfoods products and the new approach regarding consumer experience and subscription boxes.

Brand Name

Some guidelines were given such as watermark, logo, label size and production though we were able to play around with Illustrations and foil printing on the labels.

Some digital work was done for inside campaigns, Organikares.